What is the Christian Faith?

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“What is the Christian Faith?” is one of the most important questions needing to be answered by the Body of Christ. If only the Church would consider that our perception of God’s plan for salvation could be wrong and that there is more to salvation than just believing in Jesus. Since the revelation of “The Christian Faith,” certain postures we have taken as a Church have become a vexation to the spirits of those who now know the truth.
Most Bible believing churches are advocates for Jesus Christ. Most of them teach the death, burial and resurrection of Christ as the foundations of their faith. However, it is imperative for us to define what salvation really is.
In Hebrew 12:2; Pauls declares Jesus to be the author and finisher of our faith. This means the Christian faith begins and ends with Jesus Christ. However, it has become quite clear that we have not fully understood the true meaning of this authorship.
First of all, our faith is not a belief, it is a life. The Christian Faith is obedience to the life of Christ manifested in human bodies today. This does not mean that we are trying our best to be like Christ, but it simply means that we submit to the Lord Jesus living in us. He is alive and well, living in our fleshy bodies. He is the presence of God in the earth again. Only this time he lives in us.
Do you think the scripture speaks for nought when it declares our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Ghost; or does it not register when Paul explains that the life he lives in the flesh is not him, but it is Christ that lives in him.
Our Faith is not our ability to psych ourselves up to believe something. But it is our courage to obey the Lord Jesus Christ, who has come to dwell in us. The evidence of our Faith is the life of Christ manifested in our flesh.
Again I say that we ought not seek to mirror the life and attributes of Christ, this is not the faith delivered to us. Instead it is Jesus Christ himself living, and doing the will of the Father in these earthen vessels.
The Christian Faith is the sons of God, walking in obedience to the Christ that lives in them.
I love you
Mary Banks
Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

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