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Many saints have built a world around an illusion.  If you are not honest in your assessment of your own spiritual location, you too, could create an imaginary world in which a desired feeling or belief is “God and Savior.”

There are many who are perfectly happy living in their world of falsehoods.  If you consistently tell yourself a lie, you will begin to believe it.

The obsession the Church has today with the acquisition of things; must be constantly fueled by the Old Faith and Prosperity Message.  This name it and claim it jargon has developed a mindset that is not the mind of Christ.  However, any other mind that is in us, other than the mind of Christ, shall be revealed according to Philippians 3:15.  This is evidenced by the most recent challenges to the validity of the Old Faith and Prosperity Message.

Do you remember the life of Saul, who was later known as the Apostle Paul?  He was obsessed with binding the saints.  The letters of permission to persecute the saints, which he received from the high priest, fueled the mindset that he had received from his traditional teachings.  Saul was on his way to Damascus when a light that shone from heaven caused him to fall to the ground.   Jesus then introduced Himself to Saul.  He submitted to the Lord and asked, “What would you have me to do?”

If you notice, the Lord did not send Saul back from whence he came.  He knew that Saul’s traditional mindset could not serve Him.  However, if we really look into the mind of Saul, we will see that he really believed in what he was doing.  He trusted that his actions were pleasing to God.

This brings us to the realization. The motivation for an obsession does not have to be one of evil intent.  But what was the danger of this obsession, especially when the intent was not evil?  The fact that Saul would not hear the truth was a most profound danger.  He was present at the sermon in which Stephen superbly put the Old Testament in the proper perspective.  This really should have gotten Saul’s attention, since he was an expert on the Old Covenant.  However, the truth did not move him.  He had a one-track mind that insisted on believing that nothing contrary or additional to what he had learned had any merit.  That is the problem with an obsession, it shuts down the ability to reason, even while hearing the truth.  It will deny any communication that defies its own conclusions.

My friends, check yourself and make sure you are not obsessed with your own way, belief system or mindset, wherein it is impossible for you to hear and receive truth.

I love you


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