Monday Night Discipleship

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In times past, leaders have too often focused on the dispositions or even limitations of the saints; and found themselves to be detached from any responsibility for their lower level spiritual locations.

We must now come into agreement with the Father about the responsibility that each leader and certainly each shepherd must take for the spiritual development of the people. God is not pleased that the Body of Christ is still so weak and immature in the things of God. He is demanding that leaders bring His people back to walking in the Spirit.

Discipleship is a path, a route if you will, that Jesus demonstrated as effectual as He trained His disciples in His heart and mind. He is requiring the same route be used to bring His present day sons into a manifestation of their son-ship.  We must be willing to do it His way, to give God what He wants from us as developers, and perfecters in the Body.

Join me Monday evening, May 11, 2015, at 8:00 p.m., for the first of my ongoing discipleship program. The link to my conference room will be posted here, Monday afternoon. Come and join in on the discussion, as we seek to take on the mind of Christ. I hope to see you there.

Mary Banks,

Apostle of Jesus Christ

2 Comments on “Monday Night Discipleship”

  1. Will Discipleship be every Monday night at 8:00 pm? And is that EDT or Jamaica Time?
    Also, will it be in your Adobe Room – an audio/video room?
    Will it be interactive whereby others can use their cameras and mics?
    Really need to know the correct time zone for these meetings…

    God bless,

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