Mondays at 8 pm EDT. 

We truly hope you are being blessed at our online Monday Night Discipleship sessions at 8:00 pm EDT with Apostle Mary Banks. God is exalting truth and the people of God are mobilizing to launch the last evangelistic campaign before the revealing of Antichrist.

We have been instructed to take this word outside the 4 walls. We must take it to the nations of the world.  Do your part and click on the BUTTON below to go to a page where you can retrieve the link to a session and share it with as many as possible.  Invest just $5.00 in the souls you know and love. You will receive a link by email to view the video session online.

This will encourage others to join the session each week. Give them the link of the session free, inviting them to come into the next session.  Also, we encourage you to register for next week's session, as well as invite someone else to be a part of this Word that you have been receiving. All Discipleship sessions are free to attend!

Can You Do More to Help Us Spread the Word?