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Holiness is natural to the Sons of God.  When situations come in our lives, we should not have to work up an emotion, or suppress what we really feel in order to live holy.  We should walk day-to-day, feeling the emotions of Christ automatically.  But that will not happen if we do not allow it to.  We have to allow our minds to continuously be exposed to righteousness in order for it to begin to prefer it. 

If we constantly feed ourselves the things of the world, then what else can we expect to come out of us but the world?  I have noticed that when I constantly feed my Spirit the things of God, I become more and more mindful of spiritual things.  But when I feed myself carnal things, I no longer focus on godliness and it is hard to work up the emotions of Christ.  Simply put . . . what you put in is what comes out!  Sons of God should always feed their spirits with godliness and we will find that we will prefer it and no longer desire those things of the world. 

Jesus was always in constant communication with the Father.  He did not make a habit of entertaining evil thoughts.  He knew that He had to be holy so that the Father would work through Him.  That mindset allowed God to work miracles through Him, and kept Jesus holy.  You may ask why Jesus had to be kept holy.  Well, Jesus had a will just as we do.  He could have decided to disobey God at any moment, but He lived for one purpose, and that purpose kept Him focused.  In order to fulfill His purpose and to keep in contact with His Father He had to remain holy, therefore His mindset kept Him holy.

Notice I said that Jesus remained holy, which means He was already holy and decided not to change.  We, too, are holy if the Spirit of God lives in us, but have to make a decision to stay that way.  We have to decide to submit our minds to God.  I have said it so many times before but that is only because it is vital.  As long as we live by our own minds, we will not manifest Christ.

Some are not set on achieving status in this world, but rather they are set on achieving Christ.  But it is not a hard thing to do.  All we have to do is obey what He says in His Word. Sin can no longer be an option for the Sons of God.  If we purpose in our hearts to please God, then He obligates Himself to work with and through us. 



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